SC Political Blogger Takes Heat for Nikki Haley Stories

Logan Smith, editor of Palmetto Public Record, stands by his sources' claim that Haley will soon be indicted for tax fraud.

South Carolina political blogger Logan Smith launched his website, Palmetto Public Record, about four months ago.

In doing so, he left behind community journalism to take on the state’s intense political scene.

“It’s been kind of slow getting sources, tips and more importantly, readership,” Smith said. “But that all changed yesterday.”

Smith’s website crashed Thursday due to the thousands of visitors who were reading his stories about an IRS investigation of the Sikh temple led by Gov. Nikki Haley’s father and — as Smith reports — Haley’s looming indictment for tax fraud.

Haley .

Conservatives attacked Smith’s reporting on social media, saying he should have named his sources when alleging something as serious as indictment.

But Smith says the social media reaction just shows how uncertain people are about Haley.

“It’s indicative of how worried everyone is of this governor’s reputation — that they would be so up in arms,” Smith said.

But conservatives weren't the only ones handing out criticism. CNN political reporter Peter Hamby criticized Smith’s story, calling it “thinly-sourced.”

“REPORT: Journalists seen re-tweeting and citing thinly-sourced web item about possible Nikki Haley indictment without making phone calls,” Hamby said on Twitter Thursday.

But Smith stands by his sources and his story.

“I feel that my sources are reliable and I wouldn’t post anything if I didn’t,” he said.

As a journalism student at the University of South Carolina, Smith covered the Statehouse for the school’s Carolina News program.

USC journalism professor Harvie Nachlinger, who taught Smith in introduction to reporting and in senior semester, said Smith was an “excellent student.”

“He was a very good student and very well-versed in journalism and keeping opinion out of news stories,” Nachlinger said.

After graduating from USC, Smith worked at WIS-TV, Columbia's NBC affiliate, for five years. He left in December to start Palmetto Public Record.

Smith said he wanted to balance out South Carolina’s conservative-leaning political blogosphere — specifically Will Folks’ FITS News. He said he was also ready to jump into the state’s ever-changing political scene.

“South Carolina has a unique political system in that it’s just very politically or emotionally high-charged,” Smith said. “There are just so many stories.”

While he does describe himself as a “progressive,” Smith says he has no personal reasons to go after Haley.

“Obviously, people are going to take a look at my site and say, ‘Well, he’s writing about more Republicans,’” Smith said. “Well, yeah, you can’t throw a stone in South Carolina without hitting a Republican that’s under investigation. If I get as many incriminating documents about a Democrat, I’d run with it.

“I’m just reporting what I hear and what I see, and let the chips fall as they may.”

Tonto March 31, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Looks like a weak little communist mommies boy :(
silver March 31, 2012 at 09:24 PM
Where there is smoke - there is usually fire - especially where NIkki Haley is concerned. We all know that Haley is known for lying - I wouldn't be a surprise if there is not a whole lot more to this whole situation than she wants to claim. Haley has emerged as quite possibly the most corrupt, immature and incompetent chief executive that the voters of South Carolina have ever installed as our governor. It WILL be a great day in SC when Haley is no long our Governor and she quits destroying my state.
Hobby March 31, 2012 at 11:33 PM
Oh sure, as as "progressive" (aka Liberal), he has no agenda against Haley. Right. Amazing how the left goes that extra mile in the attempt to dig up dirt against a Repub, and rarely, if ever, is there any attempt to investigate a Dem. First it was that she had an affair, and that didn't hold up to the facts. Now, this "tax issue", which the IRS has since said is not valid for any further action. Let's not go back to the Good Ole Boy days, and drink your cool aid on MSNBC if you must. The hypocrisy continues...
SDR April 01, 2012 at 11:22 PM
“He was a very good student and very well-versed in journalism and keeping opinion out of news stories,” Nachlinger said. says a lot about the "fessor, no?


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