Supreme Court To Hear Appeal on Haley Ethics Case

High court will re-open case thought to be finished.

It's the case that won't end. The South Carolina Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal to the ethics case against Gov. Nikki Haley.

The ethics charges against . They were by a circuit court. The following month, the into Haley's finances and . But then Joan Brady, an Ethics Committee member, look into the case--even though Brady had just cleared the governor of any misdeeds. 

In May, the Ethics Committee . In June, there was a hearing, during which The day after Haley's comments, the for a second time. Now, the case has been re-opened yet again.

The core of Rainey's complaint is the accusation that Haley worked as a lobbyist while a member of the House of Representatives.

But some have suggested that the hard feelings between Haley and Rainey go much deeper than ethics violations.

The Post and Courier has more here.

JimW August 14, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Wow, this has gone beyond ridiculous. I’m starting to think Nikki Haley must be the most honest politician in history. With all of these charges, investigations, hearings, etc and her political opponents still can’t find anything that will stick. I would venture a guess that most of them could not stand up to the same level of scrutiny.
Stephanie August 16, 2012 at 03:18 PM
I just wish John Rainey would get a grip on himself and quit wasting the time and money of the tax payers. Whatever might have been found is surely not going to be found. If she did anything wrong, it's been long covered by now and any further distraction is just Mr. Rainey's way of satisfying his group of supporters at the State House who simply do not want ANY woman in charge or involved in any decisions in this state. I did not support her, but frankly enough is enough. Is this state not among the bottom 5 in the nation? Why don't we just try and move forward.


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