World Meets Goose Creek's Own Katniss

Archer Ella Kokinda, 17, draws comparison to Hunger Games heroine.

In all the fanfare over The Hunger Games, attention has turned to young archers and one in particular: Goose Creek's Ella Kokinda.

ESPN's High School Girl magazine spoke with the Bishop England junior.

This May, she's aiming to become the national champ. Kokinda's great form, relentless dedication to training and unshakable focus set her apart from the rest, said Coach Mike Parker.

"Once you have the point system down and learn how to fine-tune the muscle movements in your arm, you’ve got it in the bag," said Kokinda, who’s already targeting the 2016 Olympics in Rio. 

Inside Edition spoke with Ella's mom, Diana Kokinda.

"Everyone always comments on how Ella reminds them of Katniss from The Hunger Games, especially with her archery and then of course, her brown hair and the looks and the stature," said Diana.

In an interview with News 2, Ella says that she has yet to read the books or see the movie.

She blames school, shrugging as she says, "AP (advanced placement) classes."


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