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Jeremy Moody's mugshot from his arrest for murdering a couple in South Carolina.
Sammy May 8, 2014 at 03:22 pm
I understand why sex offenders have to register (even though sometimes they do not and no otherRead More criminals have to), it gives the public a false sense of security to know where they live. Some people may even agree with these murders, saying the couple got what they deserved. But, did they? We know that pedophiles CANNOT be rehabilitated. But, is it right for people to kill a pedophile and their spouse? Vigilante justice has no place in our modern "civilized" society. Does it?
Credit: Annapolis Patch
5 War Veteran December 7, 2013 at 10:00 am
Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Pot is mostly safe "au naturel". Meaning notRead More genetically modified or laced with other synthetic crap. Leave it as God intended. Also we have laws, is anything worth breaking the law? Freedom is, the US Constitution is. Family is. Know the law. Support your local constabulary unless they are criminal like the people in DC. Recall Lindsay Graham.
5 War Veteran September 27, 2013 at 09:48 am
Authority does not replace morality. I am proud that the State of South Carolina recognizes thisRead More simple concept. All too often in recent news we see police in other states over stepping the boundaries of common sense and committing crimes against the people to which the media minimizes, even when innocent people are shot to death in their own homes. I would love to see the Federal Government police their own as the State of South Carolina does. Soldiers are supposed to be public servants of the American people, instead they are most often used as pawns in Elite foreign policy for the benefit of the wealthy. The police are no different in the aspect of their choice of employment is that of Public Service. Authority does not replace morality. You are held to a higher standard.
Dennis Wenger October 1, 2013 at 12:06 pm
The fact remains that sometimes Law Enforcement and Jailers still have to go hands-on, as manyRead More knuckle-heads do not respond to "please" and "thank you". It is becoming a PC world and only the thugs have rights. Soon, our Cops will be issued moonbeam guns and Unicorn dust and be expected to do their job with that, to their and societies ultimate demise. I don't know what went on here, as the Patch is woefully deficient on details about most of their reportage, but as we gradually see more and more of the poorly parented children raising themselves to be monsters, it is obvious that the vaunted Humanism as taught by the over-educated with no real life experience is sorely lacking in real world value. We see thugs sentenced for multiples of offenses and receive concurrent penalties... meaning that they are serving the same time for a dozen as they should serve for a single... which denigrates the actual value of the sentence, and the wannabe thugs see it, too... and are not dissuaded from committing crime.
Teresa Clark September 17, 2013 at 09:01 am
They have been doing traffic stops for years! I am 46 and I remember as a child my father stoppingRead More for them! all your Nazi crap is just that "CRAP". I will tell you this however, If I were you I would stop complaining and thank my lucky stars that they are doing something to keep down the drunk driving because it could be YOUR child or grandchild that is killed in a DUI accident and then what is going to be your complaint????? Do you really think that the drinking is under control? "WRONG" because the big thing now is moonshine, my step-kids friends are 18-20 and are having it shipped here and selling it to one and all ( with any flavor and fruit in it you want) all the more to entice kids to get out there and drink and drive! and they are walking around with it in stores and cars in water bottles to hide it and if I knew where they lived I would turn in the whole lot of them! It is not the ones that have nothing to hide that worries me, it is the ones that do! @ Joan- my thinking is not naive just because I am in agreement to traffic stops, It saves lives! "dangerous freedom" REALLY??? Go hold a parent that has just lost a child to DUI and comfort them with your words of wisdom!
Joan Peters September 17, 2013 at 09:39 am
If the children are drinking and driving, whose fault is that and how are more laws going to stopRead More it? Only Mom and Dad can. I agree with you that check points are permissable under our laws, why are you arguing? I'm descended from Brooklyn Italians and I always thought my parents and grandparents attitude towards alcohol made sense to me. We start drinking wine at dinner at 6 years old. Mostly 7-up with just a couple of drops of wine. By the time I was in high school, I would have a couple of glasses with Sunday dinner. Dad let us have a beer if we helped with the yard work. Champagne at special functions. I got tipsy the first time at 11 at a wedding. When we got to college and our friends were getting BLIND drunk, my brother and I thought what a bunch of jerks. Alcohol had NO more allure for us than spaghetti or pizza did. I've lost loved ones due to drunk drivers, who hasn't? I've had friends serve time for drunk driving. I was hit head on by a drunk driver and spent a week in hospital. The cop said that the only reason I can walk today is I wasn't wearing a seat belt. Otherwise the steering wheel which pushed through the front seat would have cut me in half. I don't think we're approaching the problem correctly if we're still doing it. Losing people is horrible, but you can't wrap your kids in bubble wrap. All you can do is make sure YOUR kids are smart and careful and pray. My mom made a deal with us that we would NEVER drive after drinking and on New Years even if we didn't drink Mom insisted we stay where ever we were for the night, as her best friend's kid was killed by a drunk driver on that amatuer night. You can't stop tragedy Teresa, even though we would love to. Your kids would be REALLY safe if you just locked them in their room. Oh wait a second...the house could catch fire..... BTW, texting while driving causes FAR more accidents than drinking and driving. Almost hit a guy this morning who was texting on a Bicycle of all things and he swerved right in front of me.
Teresa Clark September 18, 2013 at 11:26 pm
There are police out there risking their lives to keep dumb a$$es off the highways but becauseRead More someone does not want to be inconvenienced these men and women get associated with Nazi Germany, a bit paranoid I think!
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